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The easiest way to create your own music video


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Triller is a video editing app that lets you create spectacular videos in just a few seconds. The only thing you need is your Android device, since the app itself offers hundreds of different songs from all genres.

The process of creating a video is really simple. To choose a song, you can use the search box to look it up by artist, album, or song title. You can also import one from your device's memory.

Once you choose the song, you need to select 15 seconds of it, which will be the duration of your video. After that, you can start recording. You can use the front or back camera, as well as the zoom to add interesting effects.

If you only record one take, this will be the final music video. However, if you record several takes, Triller can edit all of them together, and create a more professional-looking video. You can also apply different filters to further customize the overall look.

Triller is a fantastic video editing app that offers some really fun results. The interface is simple and clean, allowing you to create your masterpiece in only five minutes or less.
By Álvaro Toledo

Requires Android 4.3 or higher